Classic Italian Lasagna

Ok, so I've never made lasagna before. Why should I when Stouffer's make's a great frozen one? :)
But someone asked me the other day if I had a good recipe for one... so I began my search. I didn't search too long because I have a GO-TO blog. It seriously rocks! I have found so many recipes there that I LOVE. (this is where I found the Sweet and Sour Chicken too)
 I'm posting her picture because I forgot to take some. 
I LOVED THIS!! DELICIOUS!  BUT, just a warning, it takes a while to prepare. So plan some time (few hours) or you can prepare the sauces when you do have time, then later layer it up in the pan and cook like I did... turned out fine. Better than fine! I also used the No-boil noodles (have never heard of them before) and was nervous about it, but they turned out great! One less step to do, I'm all over that!
And since there are SO many directions... I'm just posting the link. Let me know what you think if you make it!
Also made some yummy bread sticks to go with it. Go here: Breadsticks

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