This is from my friend Brandi. I've made these often. They are pretty easy, and I usually have all the ingredients at a given time.

What to do:
1 Tbsp (1 packet) yeast, rapid rise
1 1/2 C warm water
2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
3 1/2 C flour

Knead 3 minutes. Let rise 10 min.

Make topping:
1/4 C butter
1/4 C Parmesan cheese (from shaker)
1/4 C Mayo

Roll dough flat onto cookie sheet.
Spread topping.
Cut with pizza cutter.
Let rise again.

Bake @ 350, 20-25 min or til golden brown.
Sprinkle with garlic salt and parsley.

Eat up!

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