Bacon Lettuce Wraps

My husband made these for me when we first started dating... and they were SO good that we eloped shortly after. They totally sealed the deal. :)

Pretty simple. You need:
1 pkg regular bacon, cut pieces into thirds
brown sugar
lettuce, green or red leaf
cooked rice
  • In a FRYING pan, bring water and brown sugar to a low boil. (amount depends on your liking for taste. I started with 1 cup water and 1 cup brown sugar.)
  • Cook bacon, until cooked thoroughly, in boiling mix. (I started with about 5 pieces, then tasted one, and decided to add a lil more brown sugar... up to you.)
  • Rinse lettuce.
  • Pile it all together and enjoy! -Can be a little hard to eat. Roll it like a burrito, or fold it like a taco, and shove it in. If that's too hard, or if you'd prefer, I'm sure it'd be delicious all chopped up in a bowl like a salad.
We like things a lil spicy around our house. We like to add this Korean hot paste too our wraps. A little goes a LONG way, as far as temperature goes. My bro in-laws have also used Tapatio and Chalula. Just some thoughts for ya if you want to spice it up.

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