"Cake w/ Pudding and Strawberries"

I'm not sure what to name this cake....
This cake is a great cake for summer, and it's super easy. Just how I like it. :)

What you need...
1 box yellow cake mix (prepare as directed) 
-I find it's easier to split the cake mix and cook, rather than cut it in half later cuz it usually falls apart. And if you cook two, then just shave the top off the bottom layer so it's level-
1 box instant vanilla pudding (prepare as directed)
Cool Whip, or whip cream (I prefer the cool whip)

Spread pudding and fruit in middle. Put top layer on. spread with cool whip and add strawberries.

This pic is from my friend's page. It looks better than the pic I took. Maybe cuz her decorating is cuter. :)
This was her daughter's bday cake. Hence the name.

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