"Parfait" - Fruit Salad/Pudding

I'm not sure what the proper name of this is, and technically it's not a Parfait because there are no layers, but it is just like the Parfaits you get at McDonald's (without granola), so therefore I refer to it as a parfait.

This is delicious, easy, and a family favorite!

Sorry, this picture doesn't make it look very appetizing... But trust me, it's delicious!

  • 32 oz  vanilla yogurt (1 large container)
  • 1 large pkg of Jell-o vanilla instant pudding
  • 8 oz tub cool whip
  • 2 bags Berry Medley frozen fruit (or whatever fruit you prefer)

   Make this a few hours before you need it so berries have time to thaw.
  • Mix dry pudding into yogurt until well dissolved and not lumpy.
  • Fold in cool whip.
  • Fold in fruit. May be 'streaky' in color.
  • Wa-lah! 
** you can use any fruits you like, the Berry Medley is just a good mix of different berries. But if you use something with strawberries, I would recommend cutting them into halves or thirds before putting them in. They seem to take the longest to thaw. Don't put completely thawed fruit in, or it's really mushy and not AS good. You want them to still be a lil frozen by the time you eat it.**

Could also try other pudding and/or yogurt flavors.

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