Chicken Pot Pie

I know there was just a post for Chicken Pot Pie but I made one the other night and thought I would share my recipe :)

Package Pillsburry Pie Crust
2 cans chicken gravy
1 bag of frozen peas,carrots and corn
small package of boneless skinless chicken breasts

Cut up chicken and cook in olive oil
put pie crust in pie pan
pour 1 can chicken gravy
put chicken on top of gravy
Put veggies still in the bag in the microwave for 6 min. I just cut the top off the bag a little bit.
Pour veggies on top of chicken
Pour 1/2 can chicken gravy on top of veggies
Put another pie crust on top
Poke holes
bake at 350 for 45 min.


diariodeunacouturier said...

I will try this receipt. I am not so good but I am learning to cook.

Christina said...

This message is for Nikki (hopefully this gets to her!)

Nikki! You didn't leave your info on my blog! I was so excited to hear from you. I've thought of you often over the years! You were my Beav buddy! Did you hear about the race/fundraiser in Kaysville this weekend for us? Lot of USU friends will be there including all of my old roomies-Britt, Elisa, Katie, etc. I think even ole' Craig Child will be there too! Oh, and all those cute Logan boys (Joe, Steve, Davey, etc). You should come if you can! We would LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!

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