Graduation, head of the class cupcakes

I made these last year at my sisters graduation. (from USU)  I don't have anybody graduating this year, but maybe you do!!

baked vanilla cupcakes
vanilla frosting
yellow, red and blue food coloring
chocolate frosting
1/4 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder\
fruit loops or o cereal - i used cheerios
yellow gum
chocolate sprinkles
White decorating sugar
mini chocolate and peanut butter cups, unwrapped
chocolate covered thin mints
blue mini candy (mini m&ms)
Decorate your cupcakes, make tan frosting for the heads and use the gum and sprinkles and chocolate frosting for hair. use cheerios for ears.  Place the mint on top of the peanut butter cup for the hat with a m&m and frosting for the tassel. For a bald head use the sugar on top of a frosted tan head.

be creative and make your own hair styles!!

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